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A letter to all men about the “friend zone.” (From someone who lived there)

For those of you unfamiliar with the “friend zone,” it is a term that men use to describe the space they feel like they’ve been put in when they get rejected by women. They’ve been “Friend zoned.” As in, she just wants to be friends.

Recently, we received a comment from a man on a post where we said that a woman telling you about her problems means that she trusts you.

His response was that it means you’re “just friends.”

Now, as someone who used to be clueless about what women want and spent the first couple of decades of his (my) life mostly in the “friend zone,” we understand where he’s coming from.

Sometimes when a woman opens up to a man it’s because she sees him as a brother, or a cousin, or good friend.

There is trust, but no attraction.

However, we’ve also learned enough over the years to understand that trust and communication are not reserved for just being friends. These are fundamental and necessary qualities of any relationship, be it intimate or otherwise.

So, what’s the missing piece?

Understanding the fundamentals of attraction.

If you’ve experienced a consistent, long term pattern of women only wanting to confide in you as a friend, but nothing more, some serious self-reflection is required. That’s the hard part.

The truth is that to attract women, you’ve got to be the type of man who attracts women.

Sounds simple, eh?

Think about what kind of woman you’d like to be with, and then honestly ask yourself if you’re holding yourself to the same standards.

If you want to be with someone who’s very fit, are you consistent in the gym, or sitting around eating pizza all the time?

If you want someone who values fashion, do you dress with purpose or do you toss on the first thing in your closet?

The idea is, you don’t attract what you desire…you attract what you project.

Now, here’s the kicker:

This all has to be authentic.

Consistently expressing yourself in the most authentic and unfiltered ways is a sign that you’re confident and self assured. Two qualities women seek in men.

Additionally, it shows you live your own life with passion and purpose regardless of your relationship status. A man with an identity is always more attractive than someone who simply blows in the wind of the world. (Usually seen as a “nice guy”).

The most attractive men are not the ones worrying about how to be attractive. They’re the ones living a life of passion and purpose. They’re the ones who work on themselves consistently and understand who they are. They’re the men who don’t fold like a cheap suit at any sign of criticism or trouble.

Women do not want a doormat. Too many men think being “nice” means doing everything she says and never disagreeing. This is the opposite of the truth.

Women want men who still have their edge. Men who are secure enough in themselves to sit and listen like the friend (relationships are essentially just friendships with sex) but also attract and excite her on a deeper level.

No pun intended.

There is no blanket solution here, guys. There is no piece of advice that’s going to fix this problem for everyone experiencing it. We are all different and have our own circumstances and challenges.

But one thing that universal is this truth:

Any woman who chooses monogamy is going to only be with one man. That means that literally every other man on the planet is in her “friend zone.”

The friend zone is not relationship purgatory. It is an opportunity to learn, grow, and develop a real bond with a woman who can teach you new things about the world.

Plus, look on the bright side: she’s probably got a lot of friends you can meet, too.

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